Bunk Bed and Refrigerator Install

We installed a removable bunk after a couple trips to give us a bit more sleeping room when we have 3 or 4 people in the camper. The bunk is really simple - duck canvas wrapped around 2x4's that sit in e-track brackets. It's very easy to remove during the day and set up at night. 

We wrapped the duck fabric over the 2x4's and attached with a staple gun, then put a piece of plastic edge trim along the bottom to clean it up. This will easily support an adult, and it's surprisingly comfortable, so much so the kid usually hangs out in it like a mini loft. 

The brackets are standard e-track board holders and we used a cotter pin on each one to keep the boards from moving when the bed is up. 

We found a used mini fridge and put it in the kitchen area. We were unsure what size would be best but so far this one has worked out well. Even if we had a larger fridge we would still bring a small cooler along for drinks and this one allows us to have some storage underneath.

I used a small bracket to keep the door closed when towing the trailer. It swings up out of the way once we are at camp.


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