Couch / Bed Cushions and Bathroom Curtain

We made box covers and 2 inch foam cushions to complete the couch/bed. We had been using air mattresses to sleep on and these are so much more comfortable and provide more space between the bed and the bunk. 

We used the calculator and box cover instructions at SailRite and they came out great. We used duck canvas for the bottoms and found a pattern we liked in a light canvas for the backs.  We also made a bathroom curtain out of the same material as it was heavy enough to stay in place if we had the back open while we were camping. We had used a beach towel on hooks a few times and any breeze pretty much made it ineffective. 

The curtain is hung with a flexible track and S hooks. So far it's working well, but the S hooks will come off at times. Crimping the S hooks keeps them from jumping off.


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