First Upgrade - A Larger Window with Emergency Exit

The more we used the camper, the more we wanted more natural light inside. Another consideration we had was how to safely lock the ramp door while we were sleeping. I'm not too worried about any issues, but if we did need to get out and could not get to the front door, or if the door was blocked on the outside, we could be in a tough spot. 

An emergency exit window solves both issues nicely! I found one on Ebay and promptly installed it when it came. 

This was actually harder than installing the first window. The frame was the same height, but extending the width was a bit cumbersome with the curved cuts in the wood/metal for the original window. After some wrestling with the jigsaw, I had a new opening and the install went smoothly. Unlike the smaller window that had a build in seal, I had to use butyl tape for this one which takes a bit of patience on a warm day as warm butyl tape like to stretch. Once the window was mounted I trimmed the excess butyl tape and ran a bead of silicone around the window.

The extra light is nice and when the window is open it allows a lot more air to come through the camper.


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