Window Installation

Shortly after we installed the fan, we put in a couple windows we found on eBay. The fan install gave us confidence to cut more holes in the trailer 😀. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos, we traced a template of the window frame on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Then we taped the template on the trailer and traced it out. We took the card board off and put painters tape on both sides of the trace so the jig saw wouldn't scratch the trailer as we cut. 

If you take your time, measure three times before cutting, it's not too difficult. I took my time with the jig saw and let it do the work. I didn't push hard and it only took about 15 minutes to get the window hole cut out. The windows we installed had a built in gasket which is really nice... no need to mess with butyl tape. We applied Eternabond tape along the window cutout before mounting the window to ensure any water that gets in won't go between the outside wall and insulation. 

A note on installing the window - have a helper. When mounting the internal frame it's helpful to have someone hold the window in place.

We did eventually replace one side with a larger window that we'll cover in a later post. 


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